Divestment Report details violations of Indigenous human rights by Elbit Systems

August 24, 2021


By Tohono O’odham Voice Against the Wall
August 24, 2021

As Indigenous women of Turtle Island, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, we call upon the world to stop the Indigenous human rights abuses, inherent cultural rights abuses and adverse impacts including but not limited to environmental degradation, violations of privacy, and violations of Indigenous human rights caused by, directly linked to, or contributed to through business activities, relating to the construction of wall infrastructure and securitization by companies like Elbit System’s Integrated Fixed Towers (IFTs) along the United States-Mexico International border.









Indigenous peoples, for time immemorial, have practiced their traditional ways of life along the now U.S./ Mexico border. The O’odham (peoples) have persisted despite colonial powers on their ancestral homelands. The U.S./ Mexico border wall transverses and divides the O’odham (people) and their lands.


This report focuses on the actions of Elbit Systems (Elbit) and the integrated fixed towers they have constructed and will operate. Elbit has a poor track record concerning human rights. That record has not changed for the U.S./Mexico border. Although the Tohono O’odham Nation governing body agreed to a “smart border,” many community members are still gravely concerned with the activity and opine that consultation provided insufficient information and was not meaningful regarding issues such as long-term radiation emissions from surveillance technology and impacts on human, plant, and animal life.