Surveillance Tower

From time immemorial our ancestors’ defense of the lands was from the missionaries human limb takers, from conquistadors looking for gold and miners looking for silver and manifest destiny.

We have survived to tell the stories. This will be a documentation and witnessing of this generation of compromising, non-compliant, two-faced tribal greedy politicians, and the manipulation of the deceitful United States government border patrol personnel and an idiot commander in chief.

Our sacred mountain is under attack.



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the wall

In 2007, the Department of Homeland Security, with the help of the National Guard, constructed a vehicle barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border near the village of Ali Jegk. 



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O’odham rights

In memory of Jeffery D. Hendricks we dedicate this year to moving forward the best we can in all our efforts.

O’odham VOICE Against the WALL was founded in 2003 to bring awareness, build support and maintain protections for O’odham Rights-Human Rights for ceremonial and traditional O’odham living on both sides of Unites States and Mexico International border, the original homeland of the O’odham.

In addition to our ongoing effort to protect O’odham Rights throughout original O’odham lands, we have also maintained two projects for over 8 years. Pantry Day is a bi-monthly delivery of food and supplies to families on both sides of the border and every year we have a Holiday Toy Drive for over 200 children. We also hold donation drives for clothing, shoes, and school supplies throughout the year.