Excavator arrives, desecration of Tohono O’odham lands for Israeli spy tower.

APRIL 21, 2020

The failure of this generation to defend the land is this excavator with a drill, which arrived yesterday and parked at the end of our community road.

From time immemorial, our ancestors had to defend themselves against missionaries who chopped off limbs, conquistadors who searched for gold, and miners who sought silver and manifest destiny.

We survived to tell these stories.

This will be a documentation and a testament to this generation of compromises, non-conforming, hypocritical and greedy politicians, and deceptive manipulations of the personnel of the Border Patrol of the Government of the United States, and of a commander in chief. idiot.

Our sacred mountain is going to be attacked.

People will never see the unspoiled O’odham Lands again when these towers are erected. The lands are already subjected to irresistible destruction by unauthorized roads to burial sites and important cultural sites, the looting of our ancestral possessions called vestiges, and the elimination at will of hilltops to erect towers of removable surveillance.

Countless vehicles pass through the virgin areas of our lands.

There is the transformation of animal and plant habitats, O’odham lands, and inherited cultural practices.

I ask politicians who do not live in our community, or on the reserve, to come and see that the sacred mountain is sacrifice.

Sing her song and give her cornmeal, seeing as this mountain had been there for generations, when people respected her and lived in harmony with her – when she protected the newborn fallow deer and gave countless organ pipe cactus fruit for the community, and all the saguaro cacti that gave fruit to animals, people and medicinal plants.

The lives of the O’odhams have been altered.

People have endured this humiliating system of oppression.

The Dalai Lama said, “Go to Lhasa and investigate yourself to see if the Tibetans are happy under the rule of China which restricts Tibetan cultural practices. “

When young people kill themselves out of desperation, alcoholism or drugs, and there are all kinds of crime, violence and domestic violence, it is proof of a broken O’odham society.

I only know how to be O’odham. I cannot adopt a foreign culture and norms that are not those of my ancestors.

All strength and wisdom is who we are as O’odham.

When our world is under attack, the warriors just need a signal.

They are determined to hold on.

I’m holding.

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“I only know how to be O’odham. I cannot adopt a foreign culture and norms that are not those of my ancestors.” – Ofelia Rivas